How to convert PNG to PDF

You can perform the process of converting a file from one format to another using special programs, including graphic editors. It is also possible to perform this procedure through special online services, but in this article we will only consider options using programs.

You may already have some of the programs described below.

Option 1: Adobe Acrobat DC

One of the most popular PDF software on the market. It is distributed for a fee, but it can be used for free during the demo period. The work algorithm here will be to develop a PDF file from a separate PNG image. And if you want to learn more about Image To Pdf, go to the site

Launch the program and click on the «File» button at the top of the interface. Select the New option from the context menu. Then go to the submenu «PDF from file».

The «Explorer» window will open, where you need to select the file to be converted. You can mark several files while holding down the Ctrl key. Having selected the necessary ones, click on the «Open» button.

After the selected image is automatically converted to PDF. If several images were selected, they will be converted into one PDF file. Consider this.

Now you just have to save this document. Click on the button in the form of a floppy disk or use «File» and «Save». You will need to show the location of the saved file on your computer.

Option 2: Adobe Photoshop

Another famous program from Adobe. It is also not free — it is distributed by subscription. However, most users have Photoshop on their computer. The point here is simply to save the picture in the correct format. It should be said that it is now very easy to convert Txt To Pdf.

Add the image you want to change to PDF to the program. This can be done by simply dragging the image from File Explorer into the main Photoshop interface. During migration, you may receive a warning about profile mismatch. Just click «Ok» and keep working.

At the top, click on the «File» button. From the drop-down context menu, select the «Save as» item. You can find out more about images crop on the website

You can set any name for the file, but in the line «File type» you will need to select the PDF option. It’s there if you open the list with inexpensive save options.

Click «Save».

Photoshop may ask for some additional adjustments. They affect the ability to edit a PDF file in Photoshop, in other words, save layers. Here, choose at your own discretion.

In Photoshop, you can edit multiple PDF files at the same time. It will already be a PDF presentation, but the instructions for this conversion are different from the one discussed above.

Click on the «File» button. Select Automation from the context menu. From there switch to the subsection «PDF presentation».

In the window that opens, select the presentation parameters. In the «Source files» field, turn on the checkbox for «Add open files». This is required so that the currently open file is displayed in the output file. If you have not opened any file yet, then you do not need to check the box here.

To upload new files click on the «Browse» button.

Windows Explorer will open, where you can find one or more files. To pick up several elements, simply circle them or click on each while holding down the Ctrl key. Having formed with a choice, click on the «Open» button.

You will be returned to the Photoshop interface. Here, on the right side of the window, set the parameters you need.

In the next window, set the parameters for the output PDF. They can be left as default, but you can change them if you deem necessary. After completing the actions with the parameters, click on the «Save PDF» button.

In Windows Explorer, write down a name for the file and click on Save.